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Himalayan rock salt lamps are exquisite popular proper now, but when you have one in your house, you might want to double check the emblem and item number. “Working together with the CPSC, we’ve got recalled the road of Lumière Himalayan Salt Lamps bought between July 2016 and November 2016,” a.

If your Himalayan salt lamp has been attracting dust and it’s starting to look a bit dingy, no worries! Cleaning a Himalayan salt crystal is easy. A broken connection somewhere in the circuit is a potential fire hazard, so you’ll definitely want to swap out the cord assembly with a new one.

Himalayan Salt lamps are one of my favorite centerpieces in the bedroom. With it’s soft, warm glow, it can transform your entire mood and make your feel Salt lamps are generally very safe and are not a fire hazard. While there was a case in 2017 where several salt lamps were recalled due to a safety.

Jul 28, 2019.

Correctly made salt lamps don’t pose a fire hazard at all. Keep it at a safe place and they would be good to go like any other lamp. 2.

You’ve purchased a brand-new Himalayan salt lamp and you’re excited to use it.


If salt melts on the cord, it can cause damage and create a fire hazard.

Jan 12, 2017.

The popular arts and crafts keep, Michaels, has issued a keep in mind for hundreds of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Pink Himalayan salt may be good for your overall health, but it doesn’t substitute any of your medications, especially if these are for blood To prevent fires, electrical damages, and other related salt lamp hazards, avoid tampering with your salt lamp and/or the switch, even when the bulb flickers.

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Jan 13, 2017.

The recall states that “the dimmer switch and/or outlet plug can overheat and ignite, posing shock and fire hazards.” No incidents or injuries.

50 Best Christmas Gifts Under $20 – Here’s an affordable and attractive hand made salt lamp crafted from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains.

It’s true, lava lamps are a dangerous fire risk if operated irresponsibly.

What Watt Bulb For Himalayan Salt Lamp When you’re purchasing for Himalayan salt lamp bulbs, your decision must reflect the general size of the lamp. For instance, here are the tips when purchasing this sort of bulbs: For lamps 3 to 11 pounds in weight, use a 15-watt nightlight bulb. Oct 11, 2019 – How to choose the right size salt lamp

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Jan 13, 2017.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the lamp’s “dimmer switch and/or outlet plug can overheat and ignite, posing shock and fire.

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