Decorative Concrete St Charles

Decorative concrete is a great and easy way to give texture and color to your house. Decorative concrete can give… Decorative Concrete St Charles

Decorative Concrete St Charles

Decorative concrete is a great and easy way to give texture and color to your house. Decorative concrete can give your pool, patio area, or driveway a custom look. In short, it can be used virtually anywhere. This concrete is not something that can only be done in a new home; you can also install it in your current house. The decorative concrete design has a lot of benefits that beats its competition. If you are considering decorative concrete St Charles, you will want to know these things.

Scratch Resistance 

Decorative concrete is resistant to scratches and can withstand constant heavy foot traffic without damage. Even the durable hardwood floors and vinyl floors are prone to scratches from standard wear and tear. When you have your decorative concrete flooring done by professionals such as Color Stone Architectural Finishes and Restoration, it will be very difficult to scratch even with everyday use and high foot traffic. Decorative concrete floors will definitely save you a lot of stress in the future.


When decorative concrete is used indoors, it can be a great and budget-friendly alternative to ceramic, wooden, quarry tile floors, and standard hard surface flooring options. The cost of updating and customizing concrete floors is lower than investing in a new floor surface for your house. At Color Stone Architectural Finishes and Restoration, we use the latest technology to renovate your concrete floor into a luxurious and warm alternative to traditional hard surfaces. 

Low maintenance

One of the things that make decorative concrete options easy on the wallet is because they have low maintenance needs. Decorative concrete floors can withstand wear and tear much better than standard hardwood surfaces. And with the right care, it will last longer while still looking incredible. For your decorative concrete, we can also help you maintain the shine and color so that it can keep looking fresh.

Flexibility in design 

You can choose from a wide variety of use for your surface, including polishing, staining, engraving. You can create your own stamped pattern, polished look, an all-over stain, or acid etch – this is something you can’t find in other floor coverings. No matter the style you desire, we can work with you to create an impressive design for your house. We can transform your floors to look like a tile, marble, brick, or hardwood floor.

Green Solution

Decorative concrete flooring is one of the eco-friendliest flooring available on the market. Since your concrete is already in place, you don’t need to use extra resources such as hardwood or trees, and the unique thing is that you can make your concrete floor look like hardwood if you desire.

Ready to start your decorative concrete project?

Whenever you decide to install decorative concrete St Charles, simply turn to Color Stone Architectural Finishes and Restoration. We have state of the art technology and properly trained team with several years of experience. We are a premier decorative concrete contractor serving Chicagoland as well as St Charles. Contact us for your decorative concrete needs today.

Decorative Concrete St Charles

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Decorative Concrete St Charles

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